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I have enrolled at Northeast Community College to pursue an Associate of Arts Degree option with LTA emphasis   The initial class that I took from the Metropolitan Community College, Introduction to Library and Information Services, was very useful and hit a wide range of topics.  We began by discussing the history of libraries and defining Information Literacy.  The amount of information that is available to us can be quite overwhelming.  We discussed different avenues that we can use to find accurate and up to date information on a variety of topics. This was the first time that I had taken an online class like this so I was introduced to different databases and using discussion boards to share ideas.

I personally enjoyed the face to face meetings that we had.  These were held at Fort Omaha Campus, LaVista Public, and Kripke Libraries.  We talked about other special libraries that I was not aware of in our area.  I personally researched the Faith Regional Services Library in Norfolk...

We also studied Systems Libraries and met with our regional System Administrator.  She shared information about her position as well as the area and different libraries that she covers.

Our final assignment was on library careers.  We discussed not only the ever-changing roles of librariansbut also all of jobs that are now available at libraries due to technology advancements

I plan to take the Children and Young Adult Services and Reference Services classes this summer.  I am especially interested in the children’s services as it could help us plan programs and materials that we have at the Randolph Public Library.  I look forward to the reference class to help me be more efficient and effective when researching information.



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