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IMLS 21st Century Librarian Grants

Cultivating Rural Librarians' Technology Skills

Grant Description


Dates: Nov. 1, 2010 - October 31, 2014

Cultivating Rural Librarians' Technology Skills fosters recruitment, education, and 21st century skills development in at least 165 preprofessional and professional students through scholarships, internships, and stipends. We add value to students' formal educational experiences through social and face-to-face networking opportunities and through technology skills training. The project ensures that Nebraskans receive library services provided by librarians with the knowledge, skills and abilities to handle the complexity of meeting customer needs in a digital world.

This project is designed to:

  • Increase the number of qualified professionals and recruiting future librarians for employment in Nebraska libraries;

  • Build greater skills and abilities in the library workforce; and

  • Reflect an understanding of library service needs in Nebraska’s rural communities.

The activities of this project are essential to the growth and development of library personnel throughout Nebraska. The Cultivating Rural Librarians’ Technology Skills grant will enable the creation and development of resources and assets, including the Website and Storybank, that will be maintained and continue to evolve after completion of this project. The focus on preparing Nebraska library staff to help community members build 21st century learning skills, especially technology literacy, has the potential for creating vast systemic change in Nebraska libraries and communities. This project has the potential to serve as a model program: all value-added learning content will be made available to library staff and supporters across the country.

Grant Application


Application Narrative

Grant Reports

December 2011 -- Annual Report [PDF, 9.6 MB]

December 2012 -- Annual Report [PDF, 24.5 MB]

December 2013 -- Annual Report [PDF, 8.4 MB]


eBook/eReader Training Evaluation Report November 2012

Tech Rodeo Training Evaluation Report November 2012

December 2014 -- Final Grant Report

Recruiting the Next Generation of Nebraska Librarians @ the Movies

Grant Description


Dates: Nov. 1, 2004 - October 31, 2008

The purpose of this project is to increase the number of qualified professionals and recruit future librarians available for employment in Nebraska libraries.

This project is designed to attract promising high school and college students to the profession. Conceived through a collaborative planning process by partners with a proven track record of cooperation, this project will benefit a number of librarians, library workers, and institutions, as well as the identified partners. As we test the proposed strategies, other library institutions in other states can learn along with us.

The recruitment public service announcement (PSA), displays, and other marketing tools developed through this project can be adapted and used in any location. The recruitment PSA, a specifically-defined, high quality communications tool, is designed to impact a particular target market. The kits for mentor/recruiters to use in identifying and supporting prospects will be applicable to all types of libraries. The training for mentor/recruiters can be replicated across the country.

Grant Application



Grant Reports

June 2005 -- Interim Report

December 2005 -- Interim Report

June 2006 -- Interim Report 

December 2006 -- Interim Report

June 2007 -- Interim Report

December 2007 -- Interim Report

May 2008 -- Interim Report

February 2009 -- Final report

Scholarships Summary November 1, 2005-October 31, 2007


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